Building a Zombie Bunker

Building a ‘backwards’ home design

The design of homes usually faces directly out toward the main street. However, for a growing number of homes, there is a preference to a build a ‘backwards’ design where the front of the house is in the backyard and the home backs onto the front yard. This can be a geat way to make […]

No Trench, No Problem!

There are probably more utility facilities running beneath the ground on your property than there were a decade or so ago. When installing additional facilities, it’s important that the exact depth and location of all underground facilities is established prior to the installation. Once the depth and location have been established, you can proceed to […]

Going Under: Choosing The Right Material For Your New Underground Irrigation Pipes

Whether you’re a large-scale crop farmer making sure your livelihood is well watered, or a home gardener simply looking to get some more oomph out of your tomatoes, an underground irrigation system can be an excellent labour saving device, ensuring your plants get a decent supply of evenly distributed water. However, any irrigation system is […]

Top Design Tips for Your Kitchen Area

Renovating the kitchen area is one of the most common building projects that homeowners choose. If you are designing the kitchen space for your brand new home or simply looking for the best ways to renovate your kitchen area, there are layout and design tips that you should follow. You can save yourself money by […]